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About Joanna

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Hello! Welcome to Joanna Niven Photography! 

I believe that life is beautiful! I also believe that life moves by quickly and the beauty of it should be captured and cherished!

From my childhood years growing up on a farm in the north woods of Wisconsin until today as a mother, I always loved having a camera in hand. I LOVE to photograph the "sweet spots" in life. My "sweet spots" in life include my family and friends, places close to my heart and every new adventure. I want to scoop up the great, tender moments in my life with both hands open and also have some images to remember those times.

One could say that my photography career began after I became a teacher. As an early childhood teacher, I documented daily the children's learning as well as finding the sweet beauty of childhood. It was a pleasure sharing the photographs with the children and their families. To witness their joy at having special moments captured helped me to fully realize how important photography is not only to me, but to others.

My passion for photography really bloomed with the purchase of my first digital camera and a trip to New Zealand and Australia. My photographs from that trip lead to others encouraging me to follow my talent. It wasn't until a close friend asked her to photograph the birth of her second child that my true passion came to be a profession. To capture pregnancy, the first moments of new life and the years following is truly a blessing! Since 2010, I have been photographing pregnancy, birth, babies, family and lots of  LOVE!

My photography studio in beautiful downtown Lake Mills, Wisconsin, where I reside with my family. Our home is filled with lots of love, laughter and tons of photographs. Three kids and three cats, along with my wonderful husband, keep me busy when I don't have a camera in hand.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a moment to get to know me!

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